The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 4.1.6 (devel)

Version 4.1.6 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2009-04-07

  • added new "csv" property replacer options to enable simple creation of CSV-formatted outputs (format from RFC4180 is used)
  • implemented function support in RainerScript. That means the engine parses and compile functions, as well as executes a few build-in ones. Dynamic loading and registration of functions is not yet supported – but we now have a good foundation to do that later on.
  • implemented the strlen() RainerScript function
  • added a template output module
  • added -T rsyslogd command line option, enables to specify a directory where to chroot() into on startup. This is NOT a security feature but introduced to support testing. Thus, -T does not make sure chroot() is used in a secure way. (may be removed later)
  • added omstdout module for testing purposes. Spits out all messages to stdout – no config option, no other features
  • added a parser testing suite (still needs to be extended, but a good start)
  • modified $ModLoad statement so that for modules whom’s name starts with
    a dot, no path is prepended (this enables relative-pathes and should not break any valid current config)

  • fixed a bug that caused action retries not to work correctly situation was only cleared by a restart
  • bugfix: closed dynafile was potentially never written until another dynafile name was generated – potential loss of messages
  • improved omfile so that it properly suspends itself if there is an i/o or file name generation error. This enables it to be used with the full high availability features of rsyslog’s engine
  • bugfix: fixed some segaults on Solaris, where vsprintf() does not check for NULL pointers
  • improved performance of regexp-based filters. Thanks to Arnaud Cornet for providing the idea and initial patch.
  • added a new way how output plugins may be passed parameters. This is more effcient for some outputs. They new can receive fields not only as a single string but rather in an array where each string is seperated.
  • added (some) developer documentation for output plugin interface
  • bugfix: potential abort with DA queue after high watermark is reached There exists a race condition that can lead to a segfault. Thanks go to vbernetr, who performed the analysis and provided patch, which I only tweaked a very little bit.
  • bugfix: imtcp did incorrectly parse hostname/tag Thanks to Luis Fernando Muñoz Mejías for the patch.