The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 3.18.4 (v3-stable)

Version 3.18.4 (rgerhards), 2008-09-18

  • bugfix: order-of magnitude issue with base-10 size definitions
    in config file parser. Could lead to invalid sizes, constraints
    etc for e.g. queue files and any other object whose size was specified
    in base-10 entities. Did not apply to binary entities. Thanks to
    RB for finding this bug and providing a patch.

  • bugfix: action was not called when system time was set backwards
    (until the previous time was reached again). There are still some
    side-effects when time is rolled back (A time rollback is really a bad
    thing to do, ideally the OS should issue pseudo time (like NetWare did)
    when the user tries to roll back time). Thanks to varmojfekoj for this

  • doc bugfix: rsyslog.conf man page improved and minor nit fixed
    thanks to Lukas Kuklinek for the patch.

  • bugfix: error code -2025 was used for two different errors. queue full
    is now -2074 and -2025 is unique again. (did cause no real problem
    except for troubleshooting)

  • bugfix: default discard severity was incorrectly set to 4, which lead
    to discard-on-queue-full to be enabled by default. That could cause
    message loss where non was expected. The default has now been changed
    to the correct value of 8, which disables the functionality. This
    problem applied both to the main message queue and the action queues.
    Thanks to Raoul Bhatia for pointing out this problem.

  • bugfix: option value for legacy -a option could not be specified,
    resulting in strange operations. Thanks to Marius Tomaschewski
    for the patch.

  • bugfix: colon after date should be ignored, but was not. This has
    now been corrected. Required change to the internal ParseTIMESTAMP3164()