The rocket-fast system for log processing

Changelog for 3.21.4 (devel)

Version 3.21.4 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2008-09-04

  • removed compile time fixed message size limit (was 2K), limit can now
    be set via $MaxMessageSize global config directive (finally gotten rid
    of MAXLINE ;))

  • enhanced doc for $ActionExecOnlyEveryNthTimeTimeout
  • integrated a number of patches from 3.18.4, namely
    • bugfix: order-of magnitude issue with base-10 size definitions
      in config file parser. Could lead to invalid sizes, constraints
      etc for e.g. queue files and any other object whose size was specified
      in base-10 entities. Did not apply to binary entities. Thanks to
      RB for finding this bug and providing a patch.

    • bugfix: action was not called when system time was set backwards
      (until the previous time was reached again). There are still some
      side-effects when time is rolled back (A time rollback is really a bad
      thing to do, ideally the OS should issue pseudo time (like NetWare did)
      when the user tries to roll back time). Thanks to varmojfekoj for this

    • doc bugfix: rsyslog.conf man page improved and minor nit fixed
      thanks to Lukas Kuklinek for the patch.