The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 3.19.11

Version 3.19.11 [BETA] (rgerhards), 2008-08-25

  • This is a refresh of the beta. No beta-specific fixes have been added.
  • included fixes from v3-stable (most importantly 3.18.3). Among
    others, these are:

    • bugfix: imfile could cause a segfault upon rsyslogd HUP and termination
      Thanks to lperr for an excellent bug report that helped detect this

    • enhanced ommysql to support custom port to connect to server
      Port can be set via new $ActionOmmysqlServerPort config directive
      Note: this was a very minor change and thus deemed appropriate to be
      done in the stable release.

    • bugfix: misspelled config directive, previously was
      $MainMsgQueueWorkeTimeoutrThreadShutdown, is now
      $MainMsgQueueWorkerTimeoutThreadShutdown. Note that the misspelled
      directive is not preserved – if the misspelled directive was used
      (which I consider highly unlikely), the config file must be changed.
      Thanks to lperr for reporting the bug.

    • disabled flow control for imuxsock, as it could cause system hangs
      under some circumstances. The devel (3.21.3 and above) will
      re-enable it and provide enhanced configurability to overcome the
      problems if they occur.