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rsyslog error 2222

Legacy parameter no longer permitted.

There is a conflict between a v6+ style module parameter and a legacy parameter. Once module-global parameters have been set in a module() statement, they can no longer be changed via legacy parameters. Note that this applies to all parameters, no matter if they are explicitly specified in the module() statement or not. Legacy parameters are blocked in order to prevent inconsitent results.

If you absolutely need to use the legacy parameters, you can still use $ModLoad instead of module(). Note, however, that this may result in inconsistent result, as it was always the case in the legacy system.

To solve the problem: The accompanying error message lists the legacy statement in question. Please check the module documentation to the equivalent v6+ parameter.

This is a stub entry: If you have questions please post a comment or visit the github issue tracker.

librelp 1.2.16

librelp 1.2.16 [download]

This new release of librelp provides API changes that allow better handling of oversize messages, as well as defining the listener interface. In addition, a few bugfixes for memory leaks and several minor issues are included.

For more details, please take a look at the changelog below.

– API changes
  * add new API: relpSrvSetOversizeMode()
    This permits to tell librelp how to handle oversize messages.
    Traditionally (and now default), this aborts the session. We now
    added an option to truncate the message instead.
    Also, in case of session abort a descriptive error message is
    emitted. This did not happen previously and caused confusion.
  * add new API: relpSrvSetLstnAddr()
    It permits to set the listen address inside the relp server.
    If not called, the server will bind to all interfaces. 
    Thanks to github user perlei for contributing it.
– support additional hashes for fingerprint mode
  old-style SHA1 is used automatically
  Thanks to github user briaeros for the patch.
  see also
– bugfix: potential memory leak
  This is very unlikely to occur in practice. Memory can be leaked
  when TLS initialization fails when the client tries to connect
  to the server. However, if this actually happens, it can happen
  frequently and so accumulate to a large leak.
  No report of such occurence from practice.
  Detected by Coverity Scan, CID 266008.
– bugfix: memory leak on protocol error
  Receiving relp frames are not correctly deallocated while handling
  protocol errors resulting in memory leak of dirty pages.
  Thanks to github user gleentea for the patch.
  see also
– fixed a couple of minor issues:
  * fix memory leak when relp frame construction fails
    detected by clang static analyzer
  * removed unnecessary code
    detected by clang static analyzer
  * fix memory leak
    This leaks occurs if the process is already totally out of memory,
    a situation that is very rare and will also cuase other troubles.
    So the practical relevance of this patch looks rather slim.
    Detected by clang static analyzer.
  * fix memory leak on relpSrvRun() error
    this is kind of cosmetic, because it can only occur when the
    run fails, which usually should lead to termination of the
    calling application
    deteced by Coverity Scan, CID 266016
  * fix memory leak on relp listener construction error
    detected by Coverity Scan, CID 266014, 266015
  * also resolved all other issues reported by Coverity scan
– CI
  * added native testbench (formerly used rsyslog for testing)
  * added additional compile tests

sha256sum: 0c235dd2a01060ad5e64438879b31ae64e7640d0e262aa1a287a2dd9bc60fd53

librelp 1.2.15

librelp 1.2.15 [download]

This new release of librelp provides several bugfixes and can be built on Solaris and AIX.

For more details, please take a look at the changelog below.

– made build on Solaris again
– made build on AIX
  Thanks to Philippe Duveau for providing the patches
– bugfix: invalid handling of snprintf() return code
– bugfix: invalid assert predicate
  an assert could change status variable due to typo, so in debug
  mode processing could fail.
  thanks to github user KatMisato for alerting us
– some code cleanup
– bugfix: error message on open error was truncated
  The “connection already open” error message when trying to open
  an already open connection was truncated due to too-small size
  Thanks to rsyslog forum user AlanR for the problem report.

sha256sum: a931832d9056660feee76d52195b21d4e9e06d5ec8e96b26af44e998529da999

librelp 1.2.3

librelp 1.2.3 [download]

This version of librelp addresses the problem that RHEL and CENTOS provide too-old versions of GnuTLS to make support librelp’s TLS functionality. To “solve” this problem, TLS can now be disabled in librelp, so that base RELP functionality is also available on those platforms.

Note that librelp previously built on those platforms, but DID NOT WORK.

Version 1.2.3 – 2014-03-13
– add ability to build librelp without TLS
This is required on some platforms where GnuTLS is too old
Use –disable-tls to select this mode. If set, RELP_RET_ERR_NO_TLS
will be returned on calls that selected TLS mode.
See also:
– API change: two functions that used to return void now return state
these are:
* relpSrvEnableTLS();
* relpSrvEnableTLSZip();
This change is acceptable because the state must not necessary be
evaluated. If not, the same error is returned a bit later in the
calling sequence. Having it early, however, may help with better
error messages. So it’s still optional to check.
– bugfix: configure required too-old version of GnuTLS

  This lead to successful builds which later on would not execute.

sha256sum: c06e15f94f7e75d7c9f8c66faefaf5ab8808072c828ac6982c70825fe3aa20f1

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