rsyslog error 2222

Legacy parameter no longer permitted. There is a conflict between a v6+ style module parameter and a legacy parameter. Once module-global parameters have been set in a module() statement, they can no longer be changed via legacy parameters. Note that this applies to all parameters, no matter if they are explicitly specified in the module() […]

librelp 1.2.16

librelp 1.2.16 [download]This new release of librelp provides API changes that allow better handling of oversize messages, as well as defining the listener interface. In addition, a few bugfixes for memory leaks and several minor issues are included.For more details, please take a look at the changelog below. ———————————————————————- – API changes  * add new […]

librelp 1.2.15

librelp 1.2.15 [download]This new release of librelp provides several bugfixes and can be built on Solaris and AIX.For more details, please take a look at the changelog below. ———————————————————————- – made build on Solaris again– made build on AIX  Thanks to Philippe Duveau for providing the patches– bugfix: invalid handling of snprintf() return code– bugfix: […]

librelp 1.2.3

librelp 1.2.3 [download] This version of librelp addresses the problem that RHEL and CENTOS provide too-old versions of GnuTLS to make support librelp’s TLS functionality. To “solve” this problem, TLS can now be disabled in librelp, so that base RELP functionality is also available on those platforms. Note that librelp previously built on those platforms, […]

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