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rsyslog error 2007

What does it mean?

This is a generic error message that unfortunately can happen in a number of cases.

In practice, it is often associated with suspension of actions. Then it comes with a text like

action “action 17” suspended

The number behind action changes.

How to solve it?

A frequent case for this error message on Debian-based distributions (like raspbian) is that rsyslog.conf contains the instruction to write to the xconsole pipe, but this pipe is never read. If so, you can simply delete these lines to remove the error message. These lines are usually found at the end of rsyslog.conf.

For other error message, it probably is a good idea to check rsyslog’s issue tracker at github and file a new issue if you can’t find a related case.

Note: we try to keep this page update if we see other frequent causes of this error.

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