librelp 1.2.3

librelp 1.2.3 [download]

This version of librelp addresses the problem that RHEL and CENTOS provide too-old versions of GnuTLS to make support librelp’s TLS functionality. To “solve” this problem, TLS can now be disabled in librelp, so that base RELP functionality is also available on those platforms.

Note that librelp previously built on those platforms, but DID NOT WORK.

Version 1.2.3 – 2014-03-13
– add ability to build librelp without TLS
This is required on some platforms where GnuTLS is too old
Use –disable-tls to select this mode. If set, RELP_RET_ERR_NO_TLS
will be returned on calls that selected TLS mode.
See also:
– API change: two functions that used to return void now return state
these are:
* relpSrvEnableTLS();
* relpSrvEnableTLSZip();
This change is acceptable because the state must not necessary be
evaluated. If not, the same error is returned a bit later in the
calling sequence. Having it early, however, may help with better
error messages. So it’s still optional to check.
– bugfix: configure required too-old version of GnuTLS

  This lead to successful builds which later on would not execute.

sha256sum: c06e15f94f7e75d7c9f8c66faefaf5ab8808072c828ac6982c70825fe3aa20f1

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