librelp 1.2.15

librelp 1.2.15 [download]

This new release of librelp provides several bugfixes and can be built on Solaris and AIX.

For more details, please take a look at the changelog below.

– made build on Solaris again
– made build on AIX
  Thanks to Philippe Duveau for providing the patches
– bugfix: invalid handling of snprintf() return code
– bugfix: invalid assert predicate
  an assert could change status variable due to typo, so in debug
  mode processing could fail.
  thanks to github user KatMisato for alerting us
– some code cleanup
– bugfix: error message on open error was truncated
  The “connection already open” error message when trying to open
  an already open connection was truncated due to too-small size
  Thanks to rsyslog forum user AlanR for the problem report.

sha256sum: a931832d9056660feee76d52195b21d4e9e06d5ec8e96b26af44e998529da999

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