How to set variables in rsyslog v7

With rsyslog 7.1.3 we introduced the opportunity to set variables inside the rsyslog.conf. Though, this does not work with standard properties, this can be done with CEE/lumberjack-type properties. Variable customization should be considered an aid for template generation and modification. Note that CEE/lumberjack properties, as implemented in rsyslog,  can be hierarchical and levels are delimited […]

Changelog for 7.1.3 (v7-devel)

Version 7.1.3  [devel] 2012-09-17 introduced “set” and “unset” config statements bugfix: missing support for escape sequences in RainerScript only \’ was supported. Now the usual set is supported. Note that v5 used \x as escape where x was any character (e.g. “\n” meant “n” and NOT LF). This also means there is some incompatibility to […]

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