Plugin – impstats (rsyslog 7.5.3+) The impstats plugin gathers some internal statistics. They have different names depending on the actual statistics. Obviously, they do not relate to the plugin itself but rather to a broader object – most notably the rsyslog process itself. The “resource-usage” counter maintains process statistics. They base on the getrusage() system call. The counters are named like getrusage returned data memebers. So for details, looking them up in “man getrusage” is highly recommended, especially as value may be different depending on the platform. A getrusage() call is done immediately before the counter is emitted. The follwowing individual counters are maintained:

  • utime – this is the user time in microseconds (thus the timeval structure combined)
  • stime – again, time given in microseconds
  • maxrss
  • minflt
  • majflt
  • inblock
  • oublock
  • nvcsw
  • nivcsw

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rsyslog statistic counter plugin impstats
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