rsyslog on AWS – Version changelog

S2: v13 rsyslog

We are excited to announce the second public release of Rsyslog Server on AWS Marketplace. This version includes efficient logging, noise event filtering, and a streamlined web interface for system management. New features: Cloudwatch LogGroups, logfile compression, S3 log/config storage, enhanced CloudFormation support, and improved AWS region handling. Experience enhanced logging capabilities and simplified management with Rsyslog Server.

Key Features:

  • Cloudwatch LogGroups Integration: Now you can leverage AWS Cloudwatch LogGroups for better log management and analysis directly through our CloudFormation templates.
  • Logfile Compression: Enabled logfile compression to optimize storage and improve performance.
  • S3 Bucket Support: Added S3 support for both log storage and configuration backup, ensuring your data is safely stored and easily accessible.
  • Improved AWS Region Handling: Fixed issues with AWS_REGION in rsyslogctl to automatically use the correct region configuration.
  • Configuration Sync to S3: Fixed the sync_config_history_to_s3 feature, ensuring your configuration history is consistently backed up.
  • Enhanced CloudFormation Features: Added new features, including S3 support, access policies, and additional InstanceTypes, to our CloudFormation file for easier and more flexible deployments.
  • EFS Resource Management: Added Delete and Retain policies to EFS resources to ensure they survive a Stack Update.

S2: v12 rsyslog

We are excited to announce the inaugural public release of the official Rsyslog Server product on AWS Marketplace. This release introduces an efficient logging solution right out of the box. Additionally, it empowers users with seamless configuration options to filter out noise events and includes a streamlined web interface for system operation management. Get ready for enhanced logging capabilities and simplified management with the Rsyslog Server.

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