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librelp 1.1.4

librelp 1.1.4 [download]

This version of the library provides certificate wildcard name checks. It also supports enhanced performance options (burst support, requires support from the caller). It also contains some bug fixes, especially for BSD.

Version 1.1.4 – 2013-07-03
– fix build problems on BSD
  Thanks to Christiano for analysis and patch suggestion.
– add ability to specify a non-standard RELP Window size
– add burst support to the client API
  With this, we remove the unconditional performance improvement
  done in 1.1.3 – it is better to call the APIs explicitely.
– wildcards are now supported in TLS name peer authentication
  They follow RFC5425 recommandations, e.g.
  *, client*, client01.*.com
– new APIs: relpCltHintBurstBegin, relpCltHintBurstEnd,

sha256: 85df54b14d53525612c3c592f9121f16e0f694d32d69d4c82261ecd513014e50