legacy options support

Via the compatibility mode option (-c), rsyslog still supports legacy options (like -t to start a tcp listener). This code complicates a couple of things quite a bit, especially in regard to the config system.

We are very tempted to drop support for legacy options in v6. That could lead to smaller and simpler code. Also, we think it is acceptable that someone running v6 finally moves away from the sysklogd/rsyslog v1 style of configuration via command line options.

We also noticed that the average user seems to have problems identifying where each distro places the actual call to rsyslogd, so users seem to prefer configuring all options inside the main configuration file (what we tend to think to be more useful as well).

Does anyone has a good argument why to retain the legacy support in v6? If so,please make yourself heard, because otherwise we’ll probably drop that support.

Best regards,
Rainer Gerhards

legacy options support
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