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rsyslog now available on Sun Solaris

Rsyslog has become the de-facto standard on modern Linux operating systems. It’s high-performance log processing, database integration, modularity and support for multiple logging protocols make it the sysadmin’s logging daemon of choice. The project was started in 2004 and has since then evolved rapidly.

Starting with today, rsyslog is not only available on Linux and BSD, but also on Sun Solaris. Both Intel and Sparc machines are fully supported under Solaris. Depending on operator need, rsyslog can replace stock Solaris syslogd or be used in conjunction with it. The later case provides enhanced rsyslog functionality without the need to change the system infrastructure.

Solaris is now a tier-one target platform. That means that all testing for major releases will be carried out on Solaris as well as on other platforms. The Solaris port was done very careful taking into account Sun’s somewhat specific syslogd handling via door files and preserving the full power of rsyslog. So it not only compiles and runs on Solaris but rsyslog is a good citizen in the Solaris environment.

As of usual rsyslog project policies, the project does not make installation packages other than the source distribution available. However, we work closely together with the Solaris community be able to provide them. We expect additional announcements soon.

The versions with initial solid Solaris support are 4.7.2 and 5.5.4. Rsyslog’s Solaris port was made possible by a generous contribution of hardware and some development funding by a sponsor which preferred to remain anonymous. We from the rsyslog project would like to express our sincere appreciation. Contributions of any kind are always very welcome.

3 thoughts on “rsyslog now available on Sun Solaris

  1. I need the rsyslog-gnutls software compiled for Solaris 10.
    Or if someone has done the conversion of the Linux rsyslog-gnutls RPM to a Solaris rsyslog-gnutls pkg file.

    Either one would be helpful in narrowing down a solution for our problem.

    This appears to be the connector that is needed to connect rsyslog with the tls encryption software.

  2. I need to find a solaris 10 version or sorce for the file
    I keep getting shifted off to linux files and they are no help.

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