ChangeLog for 5.3.6 (v5-beta)

Version 5.3.6 [BETA] (rgerhards), 2010-01-13

  • bugfix: ompgsql did not properly check the server connection in
    tryResume(), which could lead to rsyslog running in a thight loop

  • bugfix: suspension during beginTransaction() was not properly handled
    by rsyslog core

  • bugfix: omfile output was only written when buffer was full, not at
    end of transaction

  • bugfix: commit transaction was not properly conveyed to message layer,
    potentially resulting in non-message destruction and thus hangs

  • bugfix: enabling GSSServer crashes rsyslog startup
    Thanks to Tomas Kubina for the patch [imgssapi]

  • bugfix (kind of): check if TCP connection is still alive if using TLS
    Thanks to Jonathan Bond-Caron for the patch.

  • bugfix: $CreateDirs variable not properly initialized, default thus
    was random (but most often “on”) [imported from v3]

  • bugfix: ompgsql had problems with transaction support, what actually
    rendered it unsuable. Thanks to forum user “horhe” for alerting me
    on this bug and helping to debug/fix it!

  • bugfix: memory leak when sending messages in zip-compressed format
    Thanks to Naoya Nakazawa for analyzing this issue and providing a patch.

  • worked around an issue where omfile failed to compile on 32 bit platforms
    under some circumstances (this smells like a gcc problem, but a simple
    solution was available). Thanks to Kenneth Marshall for some advice.
    [backported from 5.5.x branch]
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