The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 4.5.3 (v4-beta)

Version 4.5.3 [v4-beta] (rgerhards), 2009-09-17

  • bugfix: repeated messages were incorrectly processed
    this could lead to loss of the repeated message content. As a side-
    effect, it could probably also be possible that some segfault occurs
    (quite unlikely). The root cause was that some counters introduced
    during the malloc optimizations were not properly duplicated in
    MsgDup(). Note that repeated message processing is not enabled
    by default.

  • bugfix: message sanitation had some issues:
    • control character DEL was not properly escaped
    • NUL and LF characters were not properly stripped if no control
      character replacement was to be done

    • NUL characters in the message body were silently dropped (this was
      a regeression introduced by some of the recent optimizations)
  • bugfix: strings improperly reused, resulting in some message properties
    be populated with strings from previous messages. This was caused by
    an improper predicate check. [backported from v5]

  • fixed some minor portability issues
  • bugfix: reverse lookup reduction logic in imudp do DNS queries too often
    [imported from 4.4.2]