The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 3.20.1 (v3-stable)

Version 3.20.1 [v3-stable] (rgerhards), 2008-112-04

  • security bugfix: $AllowedSender was not honoured, all senders were
    permitted instead (see security advisory)

  • enhance: regex nomatch option "ZERO" has been added
    This allows to return the string 0 if a regular expression is
    not found. This is probably useful for storing numerical values into
    database columns.

  • bugfix: memory leak in gtls netstream driver fixed
    memory was lost each time a TLS session was torn down. This could
    result in a considerable memory leak if it happened quite frequently
    (potential system crash condition)

  • doc update: documented how to specify multiple property replacer
    options + link to new online regex generator tool added

  • minor bufgfix: very small memory leak in gtls netstream driver
    around a handful of bytes (< 20) for each HUP
  • improved debug output for regular expressions inside property replacer
    RE’s seem to be a big trouble spot and I would like to have more
    information inside the debug log. So I decided to add some additional
    debug strings permanently.