The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 3.18.5 (v3-stable)

Version 3.18.5 (rgerhards), 2008-10-09

  • bugfix: imudp input module could cause segfault on HUP
    It did not properly de-init a variable acting as a linked list head.
    That resulted in trying to access freed memory blocks after the HUP.

  • bugfix: rsyslogd could hang on HUP
    because getnameinfo() is not cancel-safe, but was not guarded against
    being cancelled. pthread_cancel() is routinely being called during
    HUP processing.

  • bugfix[minor]: if queue size reached light_delay mark, enqueuing
    could potentially be blocked for a longer period of time, which
    was not the behaviour desired.

  • doc bugfix: $ActionExecOnlyWhenPreviousIsSuspended was still misspelled
    as $…OnlyIfPrev… in some parts of the documentation. Thanks to
    Lorenzo M. Catucci for reporting this bug.

  • added doc on malformed messages, cause and how to work-around, to the
    doc set

  • added doc on how to build from source repository