Where to find the rsyslog source code

Rsyslog’s source is kept in git repositories. Git is a system designed to support flexible de-centralized collaboration. The rsyslog project currently provides two official repositories. These are equal peers, pick the one that you prefer to work with.

By popular request, rsyslog is available on github. We do not provide further instructions as github users already know how to work with that site (and if you don’t, be told that they have great tutorials).

We also keep a repository on Adiscon’s git server. This may also contain some arcane branches not of popular interest (like custom builds and such). You can clone this repository either via http or git protocol (with the later being much faster). URLS are:

  • git://git.adiscon.com/git/rsyslog.git
  • http://git.adiscon.com/git/rsyslog.git

There is also a browsable version (gitweb) available at http://git.adiscon.com/?p=rsyslog.git;a=summary. This version also offers snapshots of each commit for easy download. You can use these if you do not have git present on your system.

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