rulesets and rsyslog 7.2+

In rsyslog 7.2.0 we introduced some interesting config enhancements. Among these are changes to how rulesets can be specified or called. A ruleset is basically looking like this:

ruleset(name="rulesetname") { statements here }

As you can see, you specify a ruleset by its name. All statements that will be specified go into the curly brackets. In addition, a ruleset can be called by another ruleset. This is simply done by call rulesetname The rulesetname is just plainly specified. We hope this to be more intuitively. Here is a larger example (bascially taken from the rsyslog mailing list, thanks to Brian Knox). module(load="imptcp" keepalive="on") # use imptcp just as example for bind ruleset below ruleset(name="rs1") { *.* /var/log/test1.log } ruleset(name="rs2") { *.* /var/log/test2.log call rs1 } input(type="imptcp" port="13514" ruleset="rs2") All statements, which are NOT specified in a ruleset will be automatically inserted into the default ruleset.

Legacy $Ruleset statements are still supported, but cannot be cross-used with the new ruleset() statements.

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