RSyslog Windows Agent 6.1 Released

Release Date: 2020-01-31

Build-IDs: Service, Client


  • Property engine: Added new static property %localhostname% which contains the local computer name.
  • Syslog Action: Fixed Syslog Version in RFC5424 Header to 1.


  • EventLog Monitor V2: Fixed an issue losing the first record LastRecord was resetted.
  • EventLog Monitor V2: Fixed minor issues in new caching code.
  • Queue Engine: Fixed an issue in the Action retry logic which caused the same information to be reprocessed again.
  • Property Engine: Fixed an issue initializing the socket subsystem if no network action/service was used related to the toipv4address/toipv6address options.
  • Engine: Fixed multiple memory leaks when a name was resolvedto an IP address.

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RSyslog Windows Agent 6.1 Released

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