Plugin – omelasticsearch

This plugin maintains global statistics, which accumulate all action instances. The statistic is named “omelasticsearch”. Parameters are:

  • submitted – number of messages submitted for processing (with both success and error result)
  • fail.httprequests – the number of times a http request failed. Note that a single http request may be used to submit multiple messages, so this number may be (much) lower than fail.http.
  • fail.http – number of message failures due to connection like-problems (things like remote server down, broken link etc)
  • – number of failures due to elasticsearch error reply; Note that this counter does NOT count the number of failed messages but the number of times a failure occured (a potentially much smaller number). Counting messages would be quite performance-intense and is thus not done.

The fail.httprequests and fail.http counters reflect only failures that omelasticsearch detected. Once it detects problems, it (usually, depends on circumstances) tell the rsyslog core that it wants to be suspended until the situation clears (this is a requirement for rsyslog output modules). Once it is suspended, it does NOT receive any further messages. Depending on the user configuration, messages will be lost during this period. Those lost messages will NOT be counted by impstats (as it does not see them).

Note that some previous (pre 7.4.5) versions of this plugin had different counters. These were experimental and confusing. The only ones really used were “submits”, which were the number of successfully processed messages and “connfail” which were equivalent to “failed.http”.


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