rsyslog error 2433

Error other than “not found” occurred during open(): OS ERROR MESSAGE

There was a problem opening a file. The “OS ERROR MESSAGE” is taken from the OS and tells what exactly caused the issue.

A common cause is “Permission Denied” which means the rsyslog process had insufficient permissions to open the file. This can be caused by several things, with the most common being

  • access permissions to restrictive
  • SELinux policies (or similar systems, like AppArmor)

Note that in the case of SELinux and friends  running as root does not solve the permission issue, because it is a design goal of these tools to be able to restrict permissions even for privileged processes.

Additional help is also available in “solving rsyslog write errors“.

rsyslog error 2433

3 thoughts on “rsyslog error 2433

  1. Jan 2 12:03:26 localhost rsyslogd: file \’/mss/syslog/fgt-01.log\’: open error: Permission denied [v8.24.0-34.el7 try ]

    config file:
    $umask 0000
    # Log remote hosts to separate log file
    $fileCreateMode 0640
    $fileOwner root
    $fileGroup netsec
    $template PerHostLog,\”/mss/syslog/%HOSTNAME%.log\”
    $template RemoteHostFileFormat,\”%PRI%1 %TIMESTAMP:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME% %APP-NAME% %PROCID% %MSGID% %STRUCTURED-DATA% %msg%\\n\”
    :inputname, isequal, \”imudp\” ?PerHostLog;RemoteHostFileFormat
    #:inputname, isequal, \”imtcp\” ?PerHostLog;RemoteHostFileFormat
    & ~

    1. basically this error message is useless and no chown, chmod, etc has resolved this. This error message needs to be more detailed to be useful.

      1. Well, assuming you comment on the initial sample: “Permission denied” is the actual error as it comes from the OS (this is where we obtain it). So you need to fix permissions. Note that in 2019’s Linux this may also mean things like SELinux. What exactly is the cause of the permission issue is not said by the OS, so rsyslog cannot report it.

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