rsyslog error 2142

Variable not found.

A required variable was not found. This is currently used to flag two conditions:

either an RainerScript scripting engine variable was not found,

or a property name (e.g. when used inside a template) was not found.

One reason for this error may be a forgotten filter.

For example, if the config file contains only

:ommysql:…(more params)

This obviously is meant as an action that shall be executed in all cases. However, in rsyslog an action must be preceded by the filter telling the engine when to execute the action. Thus, rsyslog interprets the first column as a property-based filter, and with such a filter, “ommysql” would be the message property name on which the filter operates. Obviously, there exist no “ommysql” message property, and so error 2142 is generated by the configuration parser.

This is a stub entry: If you have questions please post a comment or visit the github issue tracker.

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