rsyslog error 2123

Action failed and is now suspended.

The “action failed” state was communicated back from the output module. Please note that, at least up to and including rsyslog v4, this means the action will not be re-activated until a restart (and this will most likely also not happen in the future).

The exact reason for this action is only known to the output module, which hopefully emitted an error message before. If it did not do that, it may be useful to run rsyslogd in debug mode.

Output modules should return this status only if there is really now way of continuing. For example, from rsyslog’s core modules, the SNMP output module returns this state if netsnmp could not properly be initialized. This is a situation from which no recovery is deemed possible. Most other output modules return transient error states, which are retrieable and will not show as error 2123.

This is a stub entry: If you have questions please post a comment or visit the github issue tracker.

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