rsyslog error 2027

Some kind of IO error happened.

This is a very generic error code that happens whenever some unexpected IO error happens. More precise information should be in the actual error message. Please check the discussion thread below if the case you are interested in is already discussed. If not, please consider adding a question to the discussion.

This is a stub entry: If you have questions please post a comment or visit the github issue tracker.

rsyslog error 2027

5 thoughts on “rsyslog error 2027

  1. What does this means?

    rsyslogd: omfwd: TCPSendBuf error -2027, destruct TCP Connection to x.x.x.x [v8.1901.0 try ]
    rsyslogd: action \’action-0-builtin:omfwd\’ suspended (module \’builtin:omfwd\’), retry 0. There should be messages before this one giving the reason for suspension. [v8.1901.0 try ]
    rsyslogd: action \’action-0-builtin:omfwd\’ resumed (module \’builtin:omfwd\’) [v8.1901.0 try ]

  2. HI,

    rsyslogd: cannot connect to rsyslog:514: Connection refused [v8.40.0 try ]
    This happens when running rsyslog in docker instance with 514 port exposed. So can\’t identify where rsyslog could not connect to.

    Could you please clarify what this error mean exactly?

    1. HI Anatoliy,
      I am seeing the same https error message when rsyslogd in my linux container tries to connect to an internal TCP port in a virtual machine running inside the container. This does not happen if the container is replaced with a VM which then also has the same nested VM inside it.

      Did you resolve the similar issue inside your container w/ rsyslogd?

      Dec 1 01:36:53 cmx1 rsyslogd: cannot connect to Connection refused [v8.32.0 try ]

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