The rocket-fast system for log processing

rsyslog error 2006

Action has disabled itself.

This is a follow-up error. Additional error messages should appear in front of this message.

What it means is that an action had a failure that caused it to disable itself. If an action is disabled, it will no longer be executed. This event will most probably happen when the configuration file is being processed, right before actual message processing begins. However, the 2006 status code may be issued at any time.

When and why it is issued is purely up to the output plugin in question. In general, an action should disable itself only if there is no chance (not even a remote one) that action processing can correctly continue. For example, omsnmp disables itself if it can not initialize the net-snmp library, in which case no further processing is possible.

A disable action will remain disabled until either rsyslogd is restarted or (for older releases) a restart-type HUP is issued (which mimics a restart and thus is the same thing).