libfastjson 0.99.7 released

This is a new fork of the json-c library, which is optimized for liblognorm processing.

This release adds the option for case-insensitive comparisons and removes userdata and custom-serialization functions. For more details, please refer to the changelog below.


0.99.7 2017-10-17
– added option for case-insensitive comparisons
This permits to search for json keys in a case-sensitive way. The default is “off”, as this is against the JSON spec. However, rsyslog needs this capability to increase usability inside the variable system.
We add a new API call to switch between case-sensitive and case-insensitive comparison, with case-sensitive being the default.
– Removed userdata and custom-serialization functions
Reasoning (from pull request):
The library uses the concept of “userdata” and “custom serialization functions” that can be set from user space. However, to effectively make use of this feature, a user must have a deep understanding of the internal data representation of the library, which makes this feature not very useful.
But what is worse: internally, the library itself also sometimes assigns data to this userdata member (especially when working with doubles), and it also sometimes assigns alternative serialization functions. This makes the feature even more unusable, because as a user you never can know when the userdata pointer is save to use for your own settings, and when you must leave it alone because it is used by the library.
Long story short. In this pull request I got rid of the userdata pointer completely. The case where the library was using the “userdata” (for storing the original string representation of a parsed double) has been moved into the union that is already used for storing values.
see also:
Thanks to Emiel Bruijntjes for the patch.


sha256sum: 373cca41cad90fd288998696cd56cc72df75fb094db82b4e95d78fa61910f690

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,
Florian Riedl

libfastjson 0.99.7 released
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