rsyslog on AWS – Sync Configuration with S3

Ensuring the integrity and availability of your rsyslog configuration is crucial for maintaining a robust logging system. By syncing your rsyslog configuration to AWS S3, you create a reliable backup that can be easily restored when needed. This guide will walk you through the process of syncing your rsyslog configuration to S3 and restoring it when necessary.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

Syncing Configuration History to S3

This command synchronizes the current rsyslog configuration history to a specified S3 bucket. It ensures all configuration changes are backed up, providing a reliable recovery solution.

sudo rsyslogctl sync-config-history-to-s3

When executed, this command uploads your rsyslog configuration history to the S3 bucket configured in your settings. Regular execution of this command, especially after making significant changes, ensures your backups are always current.

Restoring Configuration from S3

This command downloads the rsyslog configuration history from an S3 bucket to the local machine, facilitating configuration restoration.

sudo rsyslogctl sync-s3-to-config-history

Executing this command retrieves the configuration history from S3 and applies it to your local rsyslog setup.

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