Changelog for 4.6.3 (v4-stable)

Version 4.6.3 [v4-stable] (rgerhards), 2010-07-07

  • improvded testbench
  • added test with truly random data received via syslog to test robustness
  • added new configure option that permits to disable and enable an extended testbench
  • bugfix: segfault on HUP when “HUPIsRestart” was set to “on”
    thanks varmojfekoj for the patch
  • bugfix: default for $OMFileFlushOnTXEnd was wrong (“off”).
    This, in default mode, caused buffered writing to be used, what means that it looked like no output were written or partial lines. Thanks to Michael Biebl for pointing out this bug.
  • bugfix: testbench failed when not executed in UTC+1 timezone accidently, the time zone information was kept inside some to-be-checked-for responses
  • temporary bugfix replaced by permanent one for message-induced off-by-one error (potential segfault) (see 4.6.2)
    The analysis has been completed and a better fix been crafted and integrated.
  • some doc fixes; incorrect config samples could cause confusion
    thanks to Anthony Edwards for pointing the problems out
Changelog for 4.6.3 (v4-stable)
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