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ChangeLog for 4.6.1 (v4-stable)

Version 4.6.1 [v4-stable] (rgerhards), 2010-03-04

  • re-enabled old pipe output (using new module ompipe, built-in) after some problems with pipes (and especially in regard to xconsole) were discovered.
    Thanks to Michael Biebl for reporting the issues.

  • bugfix: potential problems with large file support could cause segfault … and other weird problems. This seemed to affect 32bit-platforms only, but I can not totally outrule there were issues on other platforms as well. The previous code could cause system data types to be defined inconsistently, and that could lead to various troubles.
    Special thanks go to the Mandriva team for identifying an initial problem, help discussing it and ultimately a fix they contributed.

  • bugfix: fixed problem that caused compilation on FreeBSD 9.0 to fail.
    Thanks to Christiano for reporting.

  • bugfix: potential segfault in omfile when a dynafile open failed
    In that case, a partial cache entry was written, and some internal pointers (iCurrElt) not correctly updated. In the next iteration, that could lead to a segfault, especially if iCurrElt then points to the then-partial record. Not very likely, but could happen in practice.

  • bugfix (theoretical): potential segfault in omfile under low memory condition. This is only a theoretical bug, because it would only happen when strdup() fails to allocate memory – which is highly unlikely and will probably lead to all other sorts of errors.
  • bugfix: comment char (‘#’) in literal terminated script parsing and thus could not be used. bugtracker:
    [merged in from v3.22.2]