ChangeLog for 5.5.1 (devel)

Version 5.5.1 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2009-11-27

  • introduced the ablity for netstream drivers to utilize an epoll interface
    This offers increased performance and removes the select() FDSET size limit from imtcp. Note that we fall back to select() if there is no epoll netstream drivers. So far, an epoll driver has only been implemented for plain tcp syslog, the rest will follow once the code proves well in practice AND there is demand.

  • re-implemented $EscapeControlCharacterTab config directive
    Based on Jonathan Bond-Caron’s patch for v4. This now also includes some automatted tests.

  • bugfix: enabling GSSServer crashes rsyslog startup
    Thanks to Tomas Kubina for the patch [imgssapi]

  • bugfix (kind of): check if TCP connection is still alive if using TLS
    Thanks to Jonathan Bond-Caron for the patch.

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