The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 4.4.1 (v4-stable)

Version 4.4.1 [v4-stable] (rgerhards), 2009-09-02

  • features requiring Java are automatically disabled if Java is not present (thanks to Michael Biebl for his help!)
  • bugfix: invalid double-quoted PRI, among others in outgoing messages. This causes grief with all receivers. Bug tracker:
  • bugfix: Java testing tools were required, even if testbench was disabled. This resulted in build errors if no Java was present on the build system, even though none of the selected option actually required Java. (I forgot to backport a similar fix to newer releases).
  • bugfix (backport): omfwd segfault. Note that the orginal (higher version) patch states this happens only when debugging mode is turned on. That statement is wrong: if debug mode is turned off, the message is not being emitted, but the division
    by zero in the actual parameters still happens.