The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 4.5.1 (devel)

Version 4.5.1 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2009-07-15

  • CONFIG CHANGE: $HUPisRestart default is now "off". We are doing this to support removal of restart-type HUP in v5.
  • bugfix: fromhost-ip was sometimes truncated
  • bugfix: potential segfault when zip-compressed syslog records were received (double free)
  • bugfix: properties inputname, fromhost, fromhost-ip, msg were lost when working with disk queues
  • performance enhancement: much faster, up to twice as fast (depending on configuration)
  • bugfix: abort condition when RecvFrom was not set and message reduction was on. Happend e.g. with imuxsock.
  • added $klogConsoleLogLevel directive which permits to set a new console log level while rsyslog is active
  • bugfix: message could be truncated after TAG, often when forwarding This was a result of an internal processing error if maximum field sizes had been specified in the property replacer.
  • added ability for the TCP output action to "rebind" its send socket after sending n messages (actually, it re-opens the connection, the name is used because this is a concept very similiar to $ActionUDPRebindInterval). New config directive actionSendTCPRebindInterval added for the purpose. By default, rebinding is disabled. This is considered useful for load balancers.
  • testbench improvements