The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 4.5.0 (devel)

Version 4.5.0 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2009-07-02

  • activation order of inputs changed, they are now activated only after privileges are dropped. Thanks to Michael Terry for the patch.
  • greatly improved performance
  • greatly reduced memory requirements of msg object to around half of the previous demand. This means that more messages can be stored in core! Due to fewer cache misses, this also means some performance improvement.
  • improved config error messages: now contain a copy of the config line that (most likely) caused the error
  • reduced max value for $DynaFileCacheSize to 1,000 (the former maximum of 10,000 really made no sense, even 1,000 is very high, but we like to keep the user in control ;)).
  • added capability to fsync() queue disk files for enhanced reliability (also add’s speed, because you do no longer need to run the whole file system in sync mode)
  • more strict parsing of the hostname in rfc3164 mode, hopefully removes false positives (but may cause some trouble with hostname parsing). For details, see this bug tracker:
  • added configuration commands (see doc for explanations)
    * $OMFileZipLevel
    * $OMFileIOBufferSize
    * $OMFileFlushOnTXEnd
    * $MainMsgQueueSyncQueueFiles
    * $ActionQueueSyncQueueFiles

  • done some memory accesses explicitely atomic
  • bugfix: subtle (and usually irrelevant) issue in timout processing timeout could be one second too early if nanoseconds wrapped
  • set a more sensible timeout for shutdow, now 1.5 seconds to complete processing (this also removes those cases where the shutdown message was not written because the termination happened before it)
  • internal bugfix: object pointer was only reset to NULL when an object was actually destructed. This most likely had no effect to existing code, but it may also have caused trouble in remote cases. Similarly, the fix may also cause trouble…