The rocket-fast system for log processing

ChangeLog for 3.21.3 (devel)

Version 3.21.3 [DEVEL] (rgerhards), 2008-08-13

  • added ability to specify flow control mode for imuxsock
  • added ability to execute actions only after the n-th call of the action
    This also lead to the addition of two new config directives:
    $ActionExecOnlyEveryNthTime and $ActionExecOnlyEveryNthTimeTimeout
    This feature is useful, for example, for alerting: it permits you to
    send an alert only after at least n occurences of a specific message
    have been seen by rsyslogd. This protectes against false positives
    due to waiting for additional confirmation.

  • bugfix: IPv6 addresses could not be specified in forwarding actions
    New syntax @[addr]:port introduced to enable that. Root problem was IPv6
    addresses contain colons.

  • somewhat enhanced debugging messages
  • imported from 3.18.3:
    • enhanced ommysql to support custom port to connect to server
      Port can be set via new $ActionOmmysqlServerPort config directive
      Note: this was a very minor change and thus deemed appropriate to be
      done in the stable release.

    • bugfix: misspelled config directive, previously was
      $MainMsgQueueWorkeTimeoutrThreadShutdown, is now
      $MainMsgQueueWorkerTimeoutThreadShutdown. Note that the misspelled
      directive is not preserved – if the misspelled directive was used
      (which I consider highly unlikely), the config file must be changed.
      Thanks to lperr for reporting the bug.