New Logo Selected

The rsyslog community selected a new logo! The winner is logo 1, also shown here to the right. That logo won with an overwhelming majority, and lead the polls on the mailing list, our original logo selection post as well as a dedicated poll we created for easier and anonymous voting.

The logo was originally contributed in 2014 by “robert s”, whom unfortunately I am no longer able to contact. While before we never officially adopted it, it went into widespread use and is already often used to represent rsyslog. So in a sense the now-official selection let’s us keep consistent.

We are glad to have the community decision. I am right now implementing the new logo all over rsyslog web spaces. It will also be available via the rsyslog website github project (PR just created).

Many thanks to all who voted. It was a pleasant experience for us. This may have also set stage for future polls on different topics.

New Logo Selected
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