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librelp 1.2.4

librelp 1.2.4 [download]

This version of librelp is a correction for the API/ABI change in v1.2.3. Everything else stays the same.

Version 1.2.4 – 2014-03-17
– correct API/ABI change in 1.2.3
My reasoning was flawed, and we could run into problems with
apps that required the new version but could not detect that an
older one was installed.
Thanks to Michael Biebl for pointing this out.
What we have done is:
– revert back to previous state (return void)
* relpSrvEnableTLS();
* relpSrvEnableTLSZip();
These functions are now deprecated.
– introduce new functions that return a state
* relpSrvEnableTLS2();
* relpSrvEnableTLSZip2();

sha256sum: cf4f26f9a75991eedf3eaf414280c8da3532c38e619a465d23008c714f5c1cf1