LibLogging 1.0.3 released

liblogging 1.0.3 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.3.

This is a pure bug-fixing release fixing some build problems and clarifying part of the API.

sha256sum: c9da7e4e01c0912085e9393dfb9d59bbd355c80a4ac5484d78bbfdfa91d011c0

v1.0.3 2014-03-18
– fix build problem in Ubuntu 10.04
  Thanks to Assaf Gordon for reporting
– do not override user varibale CFLAGS
  Thanks to Thomas D. for reporting this problem and suggesting a solution.
– make liblogging-rfc3195 not export private symbols
  Thanks to Michael Biebl for his help in getting this right.
– explain that stdlog_log() return code usually most not be checked
  (if same level of reliability like syslog(3) is desired)

LibLogging 1.0.3 released
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