Improving the rsyslog documentation…

The current state of rsyslog documentation and its representation on our official website has been a subject of concern within the professional community. We are initiating a comprehensive project aimed at systematically addressing these issues. Over the coming weeks, stakeholders can expect a series of methodical changes, some of which may be significantly transformative.

The rsyslog documentation – an important part of the system. (image: Rainer Gerhards/AI)

Improving User Experience on the rsyslog Website

  • Optimizing Readability and Layout: The existing website design presents challenges in terms of readability and navigation, primarily due to suboptimal formatting and an excessive number of advertisements. While these advertisements are pivotal for project funding, their intrusive nature has been counterproductive. We have commenced an initiative to balance advertisement presence, ensuring minimal intrusion. This initiative began on January 2nd with the implementation of less disruptive advertising.
  • Enhancing HTML Documentation: Our current focus is on enhancing the HTML presentation of our documentation. The interim version already presents improved navigation capabilities, albeit with a smaller font size than ideal. We are close to deploying a more visually appealing and mobile-responsive version, aiming for rollout in the immediate future.

Addressing Potential Technical Challenges As we implement these enhancements, there is an inherent risk of temporary technical setbacks. An example of this was a recent incident where several documentation pages were temporarily unavailable due to an experimental update. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage reporting of any such occurrences to facilitate prompt resolution.

Strategic Overhaul of Documentation Content and Structure

  • Incremental Content Refinement: Acknowledging the long-standing need for content and structural improvements, we are implementing a strategy focusing on iterative, data-driven modifications. These changes are being guided by usage metrics and user access patterns, ensuring relevance and efficiency.
  • Ambitious Restructuring Plans: Our long-term vision involves a comprehensive restructuring of the rsyslog documentation. This includes the potential development of a dedicated guide for beginners, contingent on our team’s resource capabilities.

Expanding the Scope: Integrating Current News and Updates In parallel, we are exploring methods to integrate current industry news and updates directly onto the main rsyslog website. This initiative is in its nascent stage, and we are actively seeking suggestions and innovative ideas from the community.

The Importance of Community Feedback

In our pursuit of excellence, community feedback is invaluable. We strongly encourage contributions, whether through GitHub issues or direct communication via our mailing list. Your insights are crucial for ensuring that our efforts align with the needs and expectations of the network engineering community.

Note: This article appeared first on Rainer Gerhards’ English-language blog.

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