How to Contribute to rsyslog?

Rsyslog is a real open source project and open to contributions. By contributing, you help improve the state of logging as well as improve your own professional profile. Contributing is easy, and there are options for everyone – you don’t need to be developer.

These are many ways to contribute to the project:

  • become a rsyslog ambassador and let other people know about rsyslog and how to utilize it for best results. Help rsyslog getting backlinks, be present on Internet news sites or at meetings you attend.
  • help others by offering support on
  • help with the documentation; you can either contribute
  • become a bug-hunter and help with testing rsyslog development releases
  • help driving the rsyslog infrastructure with its web sites, wiki’s and the like
  • help creating packages
  • or, obviously, help with rsyslog code development

This list is not conclusive. There for sure are many more ways to contribute and if you find one, just let us know. We are very open to new suggestions and like to try out new things.

We have also some more in-depth information on specific contribution topics available and more is upcoming. Right now, dig down into

Again, your contribution is highly appreciated, and very rewarding. Participate in the open source movement!

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