The rocket-fast system for log processing

Changelog for 4.7.0 (v4-devel)

Version 4.7.0 [v4-devel] (rgerhards), 2010-04-14

  • new: support for Solaris added (but not yet the Solaris door API)
  • added function getenv() to RainerScript
  • added new config option $InputUnixListenSocketCreatePath to permit the auto-creation of pathes to additional log sockets. This turns out to be useful if they reside on temporary file systems and rsyslogd starts up before the daemons that create these sockets (rsyslogd always creates the socket itself if it does not exist).
  • added $LogRSyslogStatusMessages configuration directive permitting to turn off rsyslog start/stop/HUP messages.
    See Debian ticket
  • added new config directive $omfileForceChown to (try to) fix some broken system configs.
    See ticket for details:
  • added $EscapeControlCharacterTab config directive
    Thanks to Jonathan Bond-Caron for the patch.
  • added option to use unlimited-size select() calls
    Thanks to varmjofekoj for the patch
  • debugondemand mode caused backgrounding to fail – close to a bug, but I’d consider the ability to background in this mode a new feature…
  • bugfix (kind of): check if TCP connection is still alive if using TLS
    Thanks to Jonathan Bond-Caron for the patch.
  • imported changes from 4.5.7 and below
  • bugfix: potential segfault when -p command line option was used
    Thanks for varmojfekoj for pointing me at this bug.
  • bugfix: potential segfaults during queue shutdown (bugs require certain non-standard settings to appear)
    Thanks to varmojfekoj for the patch [imported from 4.5.8]