Rsyslog Windows Agent

Screenshot of rsyslog windows agent in configuration mode.

Rsyslog Windows Agent permits to integrate Microsoft Windows logs into your enterprise logging infrastructure. It supports event log forwarding via syslog, as well as forwarding of local log files to your central syslog instance. It can also act as a local syslog relay to forward syslog messages to rsyslog on Linux.

The Rsyslog Windows Agent sensor runs on top of Windows to provide most reliable event collection and robustness against network outages.

To learn more about the agent, please follow these links:

rsyslog Box

rsyslog Windows Agent features

Note if you are primarily in need of a Windows Syslog Server, please have a look at WinSyslog. Rsyslog Windows agent is optimized as a companion to rsyslog on Linux, while WinSyslog itself provides many stand-alone syslog server features.

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