Currently, rsyslog development is funded almost exclusively by Adiscon, a company specialized on infrastructure solutions for Linux and Windows. Adiscon offers custom development and consulting for infrastructure projects. The rsyslog and LogAnalyzer projects were started by Adiscon as part of their commitment to enterprise-class logging solutions. Adiscon’s MonitorWare line of products offers a wide range of Windows-based logging solutions, all of them compatible with the Linux tools.

Special thanks go to these sponsors or for sponsored elements:

  • BlinkMind, Inc sponsored the implementation of the $PreserveFQDN config directive
  • snmp plugin
  • hdfs output plugin

Sponsoring Opportunities

Additional sponsors are highly welcome. There are several ways you can sponsor. One way is to provide a monthly donation to the project, which can also bring you onto the sponsor list here. Another is to purchase one of the rsyslog professional services.

An excellent way to sponsor the project is to adopt one of the functionality implementations quoted below. That functionality will be permanently tied to the sponsor (or not, if the sponsor decides so), what obviously is a very good way to show your commitment to open source. And if you are looking for the functionality rsyslog does not yet support, sponsoring its implementation may even be more cost-effective than purchasing a commercial solution!

If you have something on your mind, just contact us to discuss details. Below is also a list of functionalities that are looking for sponsors. This may already include what you are looking for.

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