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imkmsg: /dev/kmsg Log Input Module

Module Name: imkmsg
Author: Rainer Gerhards <> Milan Bartos <>


Reads messages from the /dev/kmsg structured kernel log and submits them to the syslog engine.

The printk log buffer contains log records. These records are exported by /dev/kmsg device as structured data in the following format: “level,sequnum,timestamp;<message text>\n” There could be continuation lines starting with space that contains key/value pairs. Log messages are parsed as necessary into rsyslog msg_t structure. Continuation lines are parsed as json key/value pairs and added into rsyslog’s message json representation.

Configuration Parameters


Parameter names are case-insensitive.

This module has no configuration directives.

Caveats/Known Bugs:

This module can’t be used together with imklog module. When using one of them, make sure the other one is not enabled.

This is Linux specific module and requires /dev/kmsg device with structured kernel logs.


The following sample pulls messages from the /dev/kmsg log device. All parameters are left by default, which is usually a good idea. Please note that loading the plugin is sufficient to activate it. No directive is needed to start pulling messages.

$ModLoad imkmsg

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