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Type: global configuration parameter

Default: 0644


The $FileCreateMode parameter allows to specify the creation mode with which rsyslogd creates new files. If not specified, the value 0644 is used (which retains backward-compatibility with earlier releases). The value given must always be a 4-digit octal number, with the initial digit being zero.

Please note that the actual permission depend on rsyslogd’s process umask. If in doubt, use “$umask 0000” right at the beginning of the configuration file to remove any restrictions.

$FileCreateMode may be specified multiple times. If so, it specifies the creation mode for all selector lines that follow until the next $FileCreateMode parameter. Order of lines is vitally important.


$FileCreateMode 0600

This sample lets rsyslog create files with read and write access only for the users it runs under.

The following sample is deemed to be a complete rsyslog.conf:

$umask 0000 # make sure nothing interferes with the following definitions
*.* /var/log/file-with-0644-default
$FileCreateMode 0600
*.* /var/log/file-with-0600
$FileCreateMode 0644
*.* /var/log/file-with-0644

As you can see, open modes depend on position in the config file. Note the first line, which is created with the hardcoded default creation mode.

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