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Ruleset-Specific Legacy Configuration Statements

These statements can be used to set ruleset parameters. To set these parameters, first use $Ruleset, then use the other configuration directives. Please keep in mind that each ruleset has a main queue. To specify parameter for these ruleset (main) queues, use the main queue configuration directives.

  • $Ruleset name - starts a new ruleset or switches back to one already defined. All following actions belong to that new rule set. the name does not yet exist, it is created. To switch back to rsyslog’s default ruleset, specify “RSYSLOG_DefaultRuleset”) as the name. All following actions belong to that new rule set. It is advised to also read our paper on using multiple rule sets in rsyslog.

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Help with configuring/using Rsyslog:

  • Mailing list - best route for general questions

  • GitHub: rsyslog source project - detailed questions, reporting issues that are believed to be bugs with Rsyslog

  • Stack Exchange (View, Ask) - experimental support from rsyslog community

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