Use this documentation with care! It describes the outdated version 7, which was actively developed around 2014 and is considered dead by the rsyslog team.

This documentation reflects the latest update of the v7-stable branch. It describes the 7.6.8 version, which was never released. As such, it contains some content that does not apply to any released version.

To obtain the doc that properly matches your installed v7 version, obtain the doc set from your distro. Each version of rsyslog contained the version that exactly matches it.

As general advise, it is strongly suggested to upgrade to the current version supported by the rsyslog project. The current version can always be found on the right-hand side info box on the rsyslog web site.

Note that there is only limited rsyslog community support available for the outdated v7 version (officially we do not support it at all, but we usually are able to answer simple questions). If you need to stick with v7, it probably is best to ask your distribution for support.

Variable (Property) types

All rsyslog properties (see the property replacer page for a list) can be used in RainerScript. In addition, it also supports local variables. Local variables are local to the current message, but are NOT message properties (e.g. the “$!” all JSON property does not contain them).

Only message json (CEE/Lumberjack) properties can be modified by the “set” and “unset” statements, not any other message property. Obviously, local variables are also modifieable.

Message JSON property names start with “$!” where the bang character represents the root.

Local variables names start with “$.”, where the dot denotes the root.

Both JSON properties as well as local variables may contain an arbitrary deep path before the final element. The bang character is always used as path separator, no matter if it is a message property or a local variable. For example “$!path1!path2!varname” is a three-level deep message property where as the very similar looking “$.path1!path2!varname” specifies a three-level deep local variable. The bang or dot character immediately following the dollar sign is used by rsyslog to separate the different types.

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