percentile_observe(bucket_name_literal_string, stats_name_literal_string, value)

Adds an observation, identified by the bucket_name_literal_string and stats_name_literal_string, to the observation set.

Periodically, on an impstats reporting interval, percentile and summary metrics are generated based on the statistics collected.

Except for special circumstances (such as memory allocation failing etc), observe calls may fail due to stat-name cardinality being under-estimated. Bucket is configured to support a maximum cardinality (to prevent abuse) and it rejects observe-operation if it encounters a new(previously unseen) stat-name(str) when full.

Read more about it here Percentile Stats


In the following example, the $msg_count value is being recorded as a msg_per_host statistic in the host_statistics bucket.

percentile_observe("host_statistics", "msg_per_host", $msg_count)

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