configuration objects


Configuration object parameters are case-insensitive.

Common Parameters


New in version 8.33.0.

All configuration objects have a config.enabled parameter. For auto-generated configs, it is useful to have the ability to disable some config constructs even though they may be specified inside the config. This can be done via the config.enabled parameter. If set to on or not specified, the construct will be used, if set to any other value, it will be ignored. This can be used together with the backtick functionality to enable or disable parts of the configuration from either a file or environment variable.


Let’s say we want to conditionally load a module. Environment variable LOAD_IMPTCP will be either unset or off . Then we can use this config construct:

     config.enabled=`echo $LOAD_IMPTCP`)

If the variable is set to off, the module will not be loaded.



The action object is the primary means of describing actions to be carried out.


This is used to set global configuration parameters. For details, please see the rsyslog global configuration object.


The input object is the primary means of describing inputs, which are used to gather messages for rsyslog processing.


The module object is used to load plugins.


The parser object is used to define custom parser objects.


The timezone object is used to define timezone settings.


The include object is use to include configuration snippets stored elsewhere into the configuration.

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